Equipment Loan Closet

Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday’s 8am-noon
Closed Holidays and the Monday after Easter

To get to the loan closet:
Enter the church using the main entrance on the parking lot side of the building. Inside the building, you will see a sign with directions. Once inside, walk straight back until you meet a wall, turn left, and take roughly eight steps into Fellowship Hall, then turn to your right and you will see the closet.

  • If there is something in the closet that you need, you are welcome to take and use that item for as long as needed.
  • The Loan closet runs on donations from the community for the community. We may not always have what you are looking for and what we have changes daily.
  • The loan closet is run by the honor system, there is not a sign-out for equipment and you won’t see anyone.
  • There is no time limit for equipment.
  • Return equipment in clean and usable condition.
  • We do not take hospital beds, Hoyer lifts, electrical equipment, or medications of any kind! We do take incontinence products like Depends.


If you have any questions about the equipment loan closet, please call 608.752.7434.