FLC Constitution Update

In July of 2023, the FLC Council asked a group of members to work on edits to our Congregational Constitution so that we can revise our fiscal calendar and make other minor changes to keep our Constitution in compliance with the most recent ELCA model Constitution. These five members; Elisa Reid, Brian Gohlke, David Moore, Steve Shulta, and Tim Drinkwater have thoroughly reviewed the current document and all ELCA model changes since the last edit in 2016 and have made a concise set of recommendations at the December 2023 Council meeting. These changes will be presented for Congregational approval at the annual meeting on January 28 and the FLC Council is making these documents available digitally via the links below. There will also be a physical copy of these documents available in the Gathering Space for viewing. People should contact the church office if they want a printed copy of their own. Members of the edit workgroup are available to discuss any questions, comments, or concerns you may have ahead of the annual meeting.

Centering Prayer – Mondays

Mons from 8-8:30pm via Zoom
Centering prayer, also known as the prayer of silence, helps you quiet your mind from the constant thoughts and impulses, and frees your true self to experience more of God’s love in the very core of your being. You will gain inspiration, rich insight, and practical knowledge of a contemplative prayer practice that can open you up to deep experiences of inner healing and peace. Everyone is welcome to take part.

Login Link:
Meeting ID: 816 1696 9038
Passcode: 224107

The BG’s – Tuesdays

Tues from 8-11am in Fellowship Hall Lounge
The BG’s are a group of 6-10 (mostly retired) guys that gather every Tuesday at 8am for coffee, socializing, and to handle the many outdoor and indoor miscellaneous maintenance needs around First Lutheran. If you are interested in joining this group stop by Tuesday as we are always looking for new people to join our team!



Knitters – Tuesdays

Join us Tuesdays at 9am in the Gathering Space for smiles, laughs, and lots of knitting!



Mission Sew – 1st & 3rd Wednesdays

Help Mission Sew with cutting, sewing, tying, and pining quilts for Lutheran World Relief. These quilts are distributed to struggling neighbors across the globe. For more info contact Margaret Drinkwater, by contacting the church at 608.752.7434.


Bible Study – Wednesdays

Wednesday at 10am in Rm 302

Our Wednesday Bible study will be exploring two related topics during May.  Our biblical canon, the collection of writings included in our Lutheran Bible, contains nothing written in the four hundred years before Christ was born.  What happened during that period?  And perhaps more importantly, why did it take hundreds of years to agree upon a common collection of Christian scripture?  Please join us if these topics intrigue you!

Please join us for Bible study as we explore the major and minor prophets of the Old Testament. We meet every Wednesday morning from 10-11am in Room 302.

Brat Fest Volunteers – May 24-26

It’s Brat Fest volunteer time! This year it is Friday, May 24 – Sunday, May 26, at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. We were so successful last year, I’m hoping we can do this again this year!

We need 20 hours filled, and there is a need for set up and take down, too. Most of the shifts are 4 hours, and you sign-up/create your profile ONLINE, through the link below. Please let me know if you have any issues or questions with this.

All proceeds will go to First Events, helping us put together amazing musical outreach like January’s The OK Factor/Jaerv youth musician performance, and our annual musical showcases!

Brat Fest Volunteers receive:

  • Brat Fest T-Shirt
  • Brat Buck (Good for a Brat, Hot Dog, Corn or Soda)
  • Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream free scoop
  • An incredible fun time


$10 of every hour they volunteer, goes to First Evangelical Lutheran Church! Thank you so kindly for your dedication!

Sign-up: https://tinyurl.com/3nnnszek

–Amy Hartsough

Men’s Softball Schedule – Now-July 29

Come and cheer on First Lutheran’s men’s softball team this summer and check out their new uniforms! All games are on Mondays at Dawson East Field, 920 Beloit Ave, Janesville. Any questions contact Eric at eengen@flcj.org.

  • May 27 – Memorial Day  (NO Game)
  • June 3 – 8pm
  • June 10 – 9pm
  • June 17 – 9pm
  • June 24 – 9pm
  • July 1 – 8pm
  • July 8 – 7pm
  • July 15 – 7pm
  • July 22 – 6pm
  • July 29 – 6pm

Donut Sunday – June 2

GIFTS Men’s Shelter Volunteers – June 2-15

We need men to fill overnight shifts at the GIFTS men’s shelter from June 2-15. Please contact Peg Haeger at 608.449.7722 for details. A huge thank you to the loyal men who have served in the past! We seek newcomers willing to support this ministry!


Page Turners Book Group – June 4

The Page Turners meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 6pm in the Gathering Space. Come every month or just the months you want. All are welcome. 

June 4: The Surgeon’s Daughter by Audrey Blake

Contact Sally Schuenke 608.754.0407 with questions. 

FLC Monthly Bike Rides – June 15, July 20, Aug 17, Sept 21

Second Harvest Food Pantry – June 20

Third Thurs of the Month from 3:30-5:30pm
Distribution is outdoors. Please call Mary Gallup at 608.755.1399 so she knows if she has enough help. Set-up begins at 2:30pm. 




Rock County 4-H Fair – July 23-28

It is once again Rock County 4-H Fair donation time! The Food Booth has been busy planning and is looking for soda donations.

Soda donations have been a great way to reduce the food booth expenses. This year we are collecting 12-ounce cans of Coke, Diet Coke, A&W Root-beer, Diet A&W Root-beer (new this year), Mt Dew, and Sprite. Also, water! For water this year we are collecting Ice Mountain 16.9-ounce bottles.

Keep an eye out for sales. Donations are received in the main entrance or you can call Eric. He does pick-ups (608.290.7083).

The Parking Lot crew is also busy planning. Keep an eye out for opportunities to serve in both the Parking Lot and the Food Booth. Volunteers are needed to cashier, flag cars into stalls, take orders in the Food Booth, grill, wash dishes, clean tables, greet customers, and more. There is something for everyone. Sign-ups are available on Sunday mornings, in the church office or online.

Parking Lot: https://signup.com/go/Zqbihtp

Food Booth: https://signup.com/go/piACtTh

Grandstand Entertainment:

  • Wed, July 24: University of Wisconsin Marching Band followed by Cherry Pie and it’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
  • Thurs, July 25: Locash and Veterans Appreciation Day
  • Fri, July 26: Tyler Farr
  • Sat, July 27: Chayce Beckham
  • Sun, July 28: Rice Bull Riders


Pie Ingredient Donations – In 2022, 115 pies were baked and sold during the fair. Donations of baking supplies boosts the profits from the food booth. Label items ‘Fair’ and leave in the Fellowship Hall Kitchen or church office. Questions? Please call Kathy Dorscheid at 608.757.0034.

Pie Crust Ingredients: Needed by Sunday, July 21
Specific brands are requested so the crusts turn out! *Unbleached Gold Medal Flour (10 lb. bags) *Crisco Canola Oil, (7 gallons used)

Other Ingredients: *Kraft Minute Tapioca (Red box) *Almond Extract *Orange or Citrus Zest *Cinnamon *Nutmeg * White Sugar *Salted butter, 1 lb. boxes with 4 sticks

Fruit for Pies

  • Rhubarb (cleaned & cut, please label amount in each bag)
  • Red Raspberries
  • Strawberries (cleaned, stem removed, frozen whole)

2024 Family Holiday Fair – Oct 19

Canoeing the Mountains: A 5-Week Podcast Series

In this new series of the FLC podcast, we introduce Tod Bolsinger’s book, Canoeing the Mountains, in which the Lewis and Clark expedition serves as a point of comparison for the situation of the present-day church. Lewis and Clark had set out to find a water route across the continent to the Pacific Ocean, but along the way they discovered the Rocky Mountains. To go forward from there, they had to shift their strategies and expectations. In a similar way, the church in North America has come to a transition point, where the future will not look anything like the past. Old assumptions no longer apply. New strategies and skills need to be developed.

Five, short podcast episodes – one each week, starting this week – will introduce the major themes of the book. Those who have interest will be invited to participate in a deeper study of the book later this fall, in which we will explore the qualities of leadership that are needed to carry the church forward into a future that cannot yet be seen. Join us on this journey of discovery!

Episode 1: The world in front of you is nothing like the world behind you 
We talk about ways that our world has been changing and how those changes impact the church. The Lewis and Clark expedition is introduced as a core metaphor for the church’s experience in this moment of history.

Episode 2: Building trust “on the map”
Before moving “off the map” into uncharted territory, it is important for leaders to build trust by showing effectiveness in core competencies and consistency in relationship with others. The way forward for the church will require experimenting with new strategies which may, at times, fail. If we trust one another well, we can learn together and discover the way forward.

Episode 3: Uncharted territory calls for adaptive leadership
When faced with the Rocky Mountains, Lewis and Clark had to let go of previous assumptions about the geography of North America and relinquish the strategies that had brought them to that point. Going forward required them to recommit to their core values, embrace learning, and discover a new way forward. The church today needs a similar adaptive form of leadership.

Episode 4: Transformation is needed, but expect sabotage
Systems prefer equilibrium and seek to return to the status quo, so intentional change inevitably produces some kind of pushback from the system. Leaders should be prepared for sabotage — this is not a personal attack but the system in discomfort, seeking relief. The healthy response is to stay the course and stay connected to those who are opposed to change or who are experiencing loss.

Episode 5: Change will impact leaders first
As the church of the 21st century goes “off map,” writes Bolsinger, “those on the margins are ahead of those who were dominant figures in the older world.” Effective leaders will listen well and include more voices in the conversation, especially voices of those on the margins, where new wisdom is to be found.