Welcome to the First Lutheran Church podcast, produced by First Lutheran Church in Janesville, Wisconsin. We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, who are seeking to “embrace Love’s adventure” together. In this podcast series we explore some of the contours of that adventure through conversations with friends and members of the community who are on the journey with us. We’re glad you’ve joined us!

You know Jude Tropp. He works hard to maintain the building at First Lutheran. Did you know he also maintains excellent relationships, fosters an environment where all people are treated with respect, sings like an angel, and has a kick butt collection of lunch boxes. Check out this month’s podcast where Jude shares his heart along with a few tears. Yes, we made each other cry. Enjoy hearing Jude’s heart.

Listen in as First Lutheran staff member, Aubrey McMeen, shares her passion for life, her thoughts on parenting, and considers the silent H in herbs.

Who can you find in the river, in a tree, or in the sound booth at First Lutheran? It’s Michael Palmer and no matter where you find him he will likely be wearing a huge goofy grin. He will be happy to talk to you about the goings on at the old brewery or the state of the river. In this podcast, we hear about Michael’s faith and how he loves others well. Enjoy.

Willow Gravert is an upper-level high school student at a local high school. Join Renee and Willow as they discuss the importance of mentors, service, and loving God well.

Jessi Garvin is a young adult and long time time member at First Lutheran. She enjoys learning and loving people exactly the way they are. Listen in as Jessi shares her experience of learning and living faith with her First Lutheran church family.

Amy Hartsough and Zach Peterson chat about real life in music, Lego violins, and the use of social media in music promotion.

Pr. Michael Mueller chats with FLC member Bob Wasson about growing up in Afton at a time when children had the freedom to roam and about the joy of riding a bicycle even into his 70’s. Monthly group rides this summer have provided FLC members with another way to connect socially and create new relationships.

Renee Engen interviewed Jen Watson on the Open Table program that we, at First Lutheran Church are working on implementing.  The conversation is about what the program is, the youth from Project 16:49 that we will be supporting, and why this is such important work. There is also information about how you can become involved.

Everyone has something important to offer, and everyone has God-given gifts and talents that are meant to be shared, especially with those that are among the most vulnerable. Tune in to find out how you can live out your baptismal call of discipleship out in the world.

Amy and Frank talk music, life, Australia, and the book: This is Your Brain On Music, by Daniel Levitin.

Link to the book:  https://a.co/d/hzlcP5j

Troop 405 has been part of First Lutheran Church since 1929. Join Scout leader Jer Carpenter and Renee as they chat about Jer Bear’s favorite meal and what Troop 405 is up to now.

Renee from FLC and Kate from Safe Families for Children talk about trouble at school, advocacy, vulnerability, and what can happen when we ask God to “show me.”